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Yes, it's a real discipline!

Folklore: It's not just for peasants anymore.

March 4th, 2008

Call for Papers, AFS @ 07:35 am

Dear Friends,

Just a reminder: the deadline for submitting your proposal for the
program of the AFS 2008 annual meeting ("The Commons and the
Commonwealth," Louisville, October 22-26) is four weeks from today:
Monday, March 31.

For meeting and proposal submission information, please go to

To submit your proposal, please go to www.afsnet.org/annualmeet/nextAMreg.cfm.

We look forward to seeing you in Kentucky this October.

Mabel Agozzino and Tim Lloyd, AFS

January 23rd, 2008

(no subject) @ 07:56 pm

Hello everyone,

Quite for a while I''ve been intrigued by the lines from a poem by Dylan Thomas "Dead men naked they shall be one // With the man in the wind and the west moon". I've found the phrases "man in the wind" and "west moon" used in poetry and popular culture but still couldn't decifer their meaning. I am interested whether those two images are connected to some legends. Or perhaps they are just fixed images with meanings obvious to native English speakers? See, I am not, so I shall be grateful for any explanation.

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September 23rd, 2007

August 17th, 2007

Call for Conference Papers @ 11:43 am

So here's an interesting call for papers for a conference in SF in March.


July 6th, 2007

Continuing along the lolcat vein... @ 11:22 pm

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Now we have:


Great, isn't it? I'm going to find out if there are others.

June 22nd, 2007

BEST CONTEST EVAR!!!one! @ 09:51 pm

We're all folklore nerds here, right? And we're obviously all LJ nerds too. Never have these two things come together more beautifully than with slammerkinbabe's recent challenge to write proposals for academic papers on lolcats (see ICanHasCheezBurger.com)

Seriously, people. This is brilliant. We should do a panel at next year's AFS. Anyways, here's the gist of the challenge. MoarCollapse )

May 30th, 2007

Belarusian ethnography and folklore @ 12:51 am

Here is a picture of traditional belarusian ornamented towel from the begining of 20th century.

Find more about belarusian tradition in by_ethno! This community is dedicated to ethnography, folklore and traditional culture of Belarus and neighbouring regions. Traditional customs, faiths, rites and ceremonies, authentic songs, music and dances (but not modern stylizations), holydays and festivals, ornamentations, clothing, costumes and сrafts are among our main interests. If you are not a slavonic language speaker, feel free to ask your questions in english.

May 25th, 2007

Ancient Pagan Tribe of Akha from myanmarmike.com @ 10:36 pm

Akha is one of the Hill Tribes in Thailand/Myanmar region. “Akha” originated in Mon Tong Guay Joaw and Mon Ton, Yunnan China. They roam to Chiang Dung, Burma. Several families moved further into Laos and Northern Thailand.

The Akha lifestyle is based on their agricultural system, which means they work extremely hard in the fields, spending more time there than with their families. Some Akha converted from Animism to Impaled Nazarene’s famous religious brand but still they praise ghosts and perform pagan ceremonies.

The swing ceremony embarks on with a day of fasting, followed on the second day by the erection of a gargantuan swing comprised of four recently cut trees planted into the ground at the highest point in the village and yoked together at the top. Definitely, one of the most incredible highlights at the swing ceremony is watching the high-wire act of two barefoot Akha men 10 meters up in the trees tethering them together.

Akha settlements are generally big, with 30 or more households comprising of numerous clans. Akha villages are often situated on the peak of the mountain in an effort to stay away from the sicknesses associated with the moister close to the waterway. An Akha tale: Akha was the eldest in the family unit and followed their younger siblings into the new territory. The Akha let the younger siblings, Lisu, Lafvu and other Hill Tribes select where they desired to reside, naturally selecting lower lands. The Akha, the eldest, gave up their pick for their siblings and ended up living on the peak of the mountains. The most imperative leader in an Akha village is the Spiritual Chiefs (Djew maa and Djew ya), as the life of Akha orbit around their families, further privileged villages including the Traditional Village Chief chosen by the village elders, and the female Spiritual Leader...

The Akha residence is a strange bamboo establishment, roofed with cogon grass. The house is built on stilts and the living section is divided for both sexes respectfully. .The lovely Akha fairy tale is about demigod called "Apermiyeh" - the word Aper translating to "ancestor" or "God". Akha believe that Apermiyeh created the first human. I believe the first human was created by Loki. Loki and Apermiyeh is one entity. Myanmar Mike was created by more vicious god. I telling you for sure.

March 13th, 2007

CFP: American Folklore Society Conference @ 07:16 pm


Polish up those abstracts, kids, there are only about two weeks left to submit for next fall's AFS meeting in Quebec. Also, since the meeting is in Quebec, abstracts have to be submitted in both French and English. Well, you can submit in only one language, but then you have to pay $20 for them to get it translated. I'm sure we can set up a little language exchange here for that purpose.

This year's theme is “The Politics and Practices of Intangible Cultural Heritage”. I was going to copy out the blurb that goes into more depth, but it's really long. here's a link -> Link!
And in french here

To sum up:
Abstracts are due March 31st and need to either be submitted in both English and French or include a $20 fee so that they can get it translated.
Actual talks can be done in either English or French.
Meeting takes place October 17-21 in Quebec city, Quebec.

Stolen from culture_studies @ 07:07 pm

I thought that this news might be of interest and use to members of this community.

SAGE Publications are pleased to offer free online full text access to the current and back issues of selected cultural studies journals (see list below) until 30 April 2007.

To access the journals, register at: https://online.sagepub.com/cgi/register?registration=FT70445
Body & Society
Crime, Media, Culture
Cultural Studies <->Critical Methodologies
European Journal of Cultural Studies
French Cultural Studies
International Journal of Cultural Studies
Journal of Consumer Culture
Journal of European Studies
Journal of Visual Culture
Media, Culture & Society
Space & Culture
Theory, Culture & Society

Yes, it's a real discipline!

Folklore: It's not just for peasants anymore.